Zandra Thomas as a child who embraced her natural hair.

Introduction To Brewed Hair Care | Clean Beauty Hair Products

Wondering what’s the buzz on Brewed Hair Care and why you should support it? This article will give you the inside scoop on our CEO’s history of passion for all things hair and why she created clean beauty hair products.

Hair Obsession?

Not everyone’s story is the same, and this story is one of a kind. The CEO of Brewed Hair Care was born and raised for most of her life in Cleveland, Ohio, within a single-mother household with two brothers who always kept her on her toes.

Although she didn’t have much growing up, she always found joy in the little things, and one of those little things was her hair. Every week when her mom and aunt would do her hair, she would take it out and remix it and style it to her liking. It was a hassle for her aunt and mom but a joy to her.

As she started to get older, she began to play more and more in her hair and experiment with different styles on her dolls. She learned how to braid, twist, and comb knots and tangles while using her favorite barbie dolls.

It wasn't until 2014 when Zandra leaped faith to go against all odds of a young black woman and cut all her damaged, relaxed hair off. She felt so liberated and free! Youtube was the source of her sleepless nights researching everything needed to water her plant (her hair). Before she knew it, her hair began to grow and flourish more than she ever thought possible! There was no way she was going to go back to using relaxers on her hair!

The Creation Of Brewed Hair Care

Who would have ever thought that a young girl from Cleveland, Ohio, would create her hair care line after years of passion surrounding hair care and embracing her natural hair in its entirety?

When Zandra started her hair care line, she wanted to spread that same love and joy that she felt when embracing her natural hair to others. The pleasure of learning their hair, taking care of their hair, taking pride in their hair, and nurturing their hair. So it makes sense that she would start her hair care line free of chemicals, sulfates, silicones, and many other harmful ingredients that have caused so many health concerns over the years.

The mission behind Brewed Hair Care is simple; to bring the joy of haircare into every user's hair care regimen using clean beauty hair products. With Brewed Hair Care products, this will be a wash day that you will look forward to experiencing.

For more behind the scenes on our haircare brand, Brewed Hair Care, and what we are doing behind the scenes, be sure to follow us on our social media accounts below.

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