A Natural Hair Care Regimen For Beginners

A Natural Hair Care Regimen For Beginners

Are you a beginner to building a natural hair care regimen? Well, this is the blog post for you because I am going to walk you through the process of building an affordable natural hair regimen that will be good for any beginner looking to get a head start on their healthy hair care journey. 

Building An Affordable Natural Hair Care Regimen

The following steps are necessary to ensure that our natural hair strands are receiving the much-needed attention they need to thrive. You will need 1 product from each step listed below.

Step 1: Pre-pooing
Step 2: Shampooing
Step 3: Deep Conditioning
Step 4: Applying An All In One Leave-In and Styler

Let's dive into each step and explain why they are essential to look into when building an affordable natural hair care regimen.


Pre-pooing is an amazing process that includes using a natural hair product to help you to detangle your natural hair with more ease. When selecting a product for pre-pooing, you can select an oil, conditioner, or even a product labeled as a pre-shampoo. The overall benefit is that it helps to reduce the chances of breakage by providing the much-needed slip that we need to help our tangles melt.


Shampooing your hair is a MUST! Shampoos come in different types, from hydrating to clarifying to chelating shampoos. The overall goal in the shampooing process is to remove all of the buildups from your scalp and hair attached to your hair from the environment, oil, dirt, and excess products you used from the last wash day.
When selecting a product for shampooing, you must select a shampoo based on your hair needs. If your hair isn't retaining moisture, you may need to reach for a clarifying shampoo. If you want to cleanse your scalp and hair, but you do not want to strip too much moisture, a hydrating shampoo may be a better fit for you.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is great at giving your strands some tender love and care. There are different types of deep conditions out there based on different hair needs. Some deep conditioners provide mostly moisture, some provide a balance of moisture and protein, and some provide mostly protein.
When selecting a product for deep conditioning, be sure to consider what your hair needs on that particular wash day. If your hair seems dry, a deep conditioner with mostly moisture may be better for you than a deep conditioner with mostly protein. You really have to get to know your hair and listen to what it needs every wash day. 
Recommended Product: Revitalizing Green Tea Hair Mask

Applying An All-In-One Leave-In + Styler Duos

All-in-one leave-in and styler duos are a cost-effective way to give your hair the moisture it needs while also helping to seal in moisture. When selecting an all-in-one product, make sure to read the packaging and overall purpose that the product claims to benefit your hair. A good all-in-one leave-in and styler duo will provide a great balance of moisture and hold, yielding longer laster styles and less frizz.
Now that you know how to build your very own affordable natural hair care regimen with some product recommendations to match, do you feel confident going into your next wash day? In the comment section below, let me know, and be sure to subscribe to our CEO's youtube channel here for more natural hair tips, tutorials, first-impressions, and reviews.
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