What Is Protein Overload And How To Combat It

What Is Protein Overload And How To Combat It

It’s time for wash day and all of a sudden you are noticing some weird things going on with your hair and not in a good way. Even though you notice something different, you just can’t put your finger on what it is but you notice your hair is dry, fragile, weak, and snaps with the slightest touch to your hair. These signs could point towards protein overload, but what exactly is protein overload? 

Protein Overload

It is one of the most frustrating experiences that you will ever encounter within your healthy hair journey because you may or may not know what’s going on. 

To start with helping to understand what it is like to have protein overload, I want you to visualize one thing and one thing only — a dry sponge without any water on it for 7 days.

After 7 days, the same dry sponge will be craving water more than it ever has and that’s exactly how dry your hair will be with protein overload. 

Without a hair care regimen made to properly restore your hairs moisture, you will notice tangles and stiffness, increased hair breakage, your hair feels straw-like, and that your hair does not hold onto moisture at all.

Combating Protein Overload 

There are signs you discovered which could mean you have protein overload and now you are wondering how to refer it. We have you and your hair covered with these top tips that we discovered through trial and error on combating protein overload:

  • Inspect ingredient lists for protein
    • Here is a list of protein ingredients
      • Hydrolyzed collagen
      • Wheat, quinoa, or soy protein
      • Silk protein
      • Keratin
      • Oat flour
      • Amino acids
  • Listen to your hair every single wash day to see what your hair may need
  • Create a hair care regimen that rotates between moisture and protein

To help restore moisture your hair, try our protein-free Green Tea Revitalizing Hair Mask

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