Five Ways To Identify When Your Hair Is Protein Deficient

Five Ways To Identify When Your Hair Is Protein Deficient

The time has come for another wash day and you notice your hair hasn't been normal lately. Are you protein-deficient or could it be something else causing the issue? Let's dive into five ways how you can identify if you are protein-deficient and in need of more protein within your hair care regimen.

Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is commonly associated with hair dryness but did you know that protein deficiencies can cause hair breakage too? You are probably wondering how that happens.

When our hair needs protein, our hair's cuticle starts to become weak and prone to breakage. Proteins help to fill in the gaps within our hair's cuticle which is why it is important to keep our protein and moisture balance regulated.

Increased Hair Shedding

So many of us translate hair shedding to increased stress within our bodies or even dandruff but what if your hair shedding could be the result of needing more protein within your hair care regimen?

It is important to assess the overall situation before saying this is the culprit to being protein deficient, but it is worth pointing out as a potential sign of a need for protein in one's hair.

Hair Is Limp, Dull, and Lifeless

Have you ever noticed your hair just doesn't hold a style or return to its natural state as good as it used to? Even if you have straight hair, your hair will stretch out and then snap off and break when you are faced with a protein deficiency. Our hair has nothing to keep its overall composition and begins to lose the bonds within your hair strands. 

Your Hair Is Porous

Protein fills the gaps in our hair and when we don't give our hair protein guess what happens? Our hair's cuticle tends to open up and stay open which means it takes more work to seal our cuticle back up. If you are typically low porosity and notice your hair is absorbing water easily and losing moisture quickly, you may need more protein in your regimen.

Hair Dryness

Hair dryness plays hand in hand with hair porosity in the case of needing protein within our hair's shaft. I know we are probably starting to lose you with this one. You are probably asking yourself, "But I thought hair dryness meant my hair needs moisture?". This is a common myth that is not necessarily true.

Protein deficiency can mean hair dryness because when moisture escapes our hair's cuticle layer, we can not retain moisture as easily which results in hair dryness. 

Now that we have listed five ways to identify when your hair is protein-deficient, I think that it is safe to say that hair is much more complex than most think. It is not until you start to look deeper into your hair care regimen that you can dive deeper and investigate what may be the issue. Do you feel you are confident enough to discover if you have the signs of protein deficiency? 

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