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Brewed Hair Care

Green Tea Rejuvenation Sample Kit

Green Tea Rejuvenation Sample Kit

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Green Tea Rejuvenation Sample Kit

Experience a luxury wash day with one of nature's very own, green tea, that hits everything on your hair care checklist:


Reduces hair shedding

Increases blood flow to your hair follicles

Reduces scalp inflammation

Strengthens hair

& many more


This sample kit features the following products:

Green Tea Moisturizing Shampoo (2 oz)

Green Tea Moisturizing Conditioner (2 oz)

Green Tea Caffeinated Hair Rinse (3 oz)

Green Tea Revitalizing Hair Mask (3 oz)


*The picture featured is just a placeholder. All products will be 1/4 of the size of the original sizes. This product is for preorder to start shipping out in the next 1-2 weeks depending on overall demand.

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